Brooks's Cars

1986 Saab 900i


My friend Mark McGovern, had a Saab in navy blue, a C reg, 900i which he had bought from a Saab dealer near St Helens with 50K miles on the clock. It had had one previous owner and came with a Full Saab Service History. I knew it had been looked after and I knew I was getting a good car for £1,500 (in 1993). The car now had 97K miles on the clock but it was still looking as good as the day Mark bought it.

Like the Merc it was low on the goodies, no electrics, the stereo wasn't up to much but it had good power brakes, power steering and a very solid feel with no rattles, just like the Merc.

It was a good motorway car and the front wheel drive was well mannered. It only did 26mpg but it did it on unleaded. The 2 litre engine felt as quick as the Mercedes. It was a third of the price of the Mercedes which in my books made it a better car.

I took it on holiday to Guernsey it took all of the luggage with ease, the boot was incredible, you could get a bike in the back without taking the wheels off. My camping gear went in the boot of the car, leaving no external trace. The car only let itself down with a faulty fuel gauge which made me fill the car with petrol every 150 miles until I realised I was only getting £10 in the tank so it couldn't possibly be empty.

One wintry day, it snowed heavily and while most cars were spinning and moving very slowly, the Saab drove through it like it wasn't there, very impressive.

The car required new front discs and a service before I sold it for £1600 after 9 months of ownership. I was asking £1,800 but the car needed two new tyres.

If you can handle 26mpg, the Saab is one of the best cars you can buy!

The Saab was only really a stop-gap car and I had promised myself a luxury car so while still owning the Saab I visited more Jaguars and finally choose one. I also saw a TVR 350i which took my fancy, well it had been 2 years since my last convertible.