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1982 Porsche 924 Turbo - Series 2

While owning the TR7 and the Metro, I realised I didn't have a good motorway car. I bought a book on Porsches and was pleasantly surprised to find you could buy one for £3000 (in 1991).  I read that 924s were being considered classic cars which were relatively fast and reliable. The 'pull out' roof would be quiet on the motorway and make the car fun for the summer when taken out. I thought the best part about owning one would be saying 'I’ve got a Porsche!'

When I decided I wanted one, I checked a few out before buying this turbo. I went to see a black Porsche 924 for £3,400 it was a good looking car, but the passenger door had dropped and the history was a bit patchy. It drove very well, but I wasn't sure about the black paintwork, I think it had been re-sprayed. Looking back, if I had bought the car, I would have been a richer man and might have had a fonder memory of the 'Porsche' Marque.

Many of the Porsches advertised, turn out to be in strange colours and in below par condition.  I saw the car I bought, a white 924 Turbo for sale for £4,400 (in 1991). The car was in excellent condition with a FSH. After seeing it, I offered £4,000, which broke me as I was only meant to be spending £3,000. The offer was accepted and I drove home in an incredible amount of car for the money.

The Porsche 924 Turbo was a different beast to the normally aspirated car. It was actually built at the Stuttgart Porsche factory rather than the Audi plant. It had disc brakes all round, 5 stud wheels, a large bore exhaust, and a turbo charged 177bhp engine, which was one of the first engines to be tuned by an engine management system (computer chip). All were later to appear on the new 944. In 1982 when the turbo was built, it was the fastest production car Porsche made, faster then the 911 3.0 litre.

The car lasted three days before blowing its turbo! I got stung with a £2,000 repair bill and was not in the best of moods with the car. I joined the Porsche Club of Great Britain, but nothing was happening in the Lincolnshire area. If I'd have had a friend with a Porsche, I might have been tempted to become the area secretary and try to get some interest going in Lincolnshire.

I did have some pleasant journeys with the Porsche. I took it to a wedding in Devon and had some good trips going to Liverpool. But I couldn't total relax, driving the car. I was forever listening out for the next expensive noise. It wouldn't start one Christmas and I couldn't afford to take it to the garage, so I left it there for a month until I got paid and could take it for repair. It turned out to only be a loose battery cable! This summed up my luck with the car. The CV joints went next and cost me £600 to replace. I had to sell the Porsche before it bankrupt me, plus the insurance companies were changing their policies that year (going from 9 to 20 groups) and I knew my policy would be going up, from £240 to over £600. I managed to sell the car, after 5 weeks of advertising, to a doctor from Wakefield for £4900.

I still believe Porsche's are good reliable cars which give a lot of driving pleasure. I would suggest you try and buy one which somebody has owned for at least 4 years and don't take the car to a 'performance specialist' or a Porsche Dealer but to your local mechanic who will look after it for you at a reasonable price (The turbo replacement should of only cost £300 (back in 1991)).