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1984 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Sovereign series 3


After seeing a lot of Jaguars, I chose this one. The car had no rust but the current owner hadn't owned the car for long and the trip computer didn't work. But the mileage was right, the car felt right and it was the right model in the right colour at the right price £1,700 (1995) (Some people were trying to sell them for over £3,000).

I fetched the car back from Sheffield after filling it with £40 worth of petrol (£110 in today's money). It felt very smooth and the air-conditioning blow a nice cool air which did not need adjusting all journey. The next morning I discovered one of the rear doors did not open so I took the car to my mechanic, Mel Hudson Motors, and for a small bill of £200 he got the doors and trip computer fixed and gave the car a service.

For a big car it was beautifully easy to drive, very quick and quiet. It had big comfortable seats, which were very relaxing. The car handled like a sports car which was amazing considering the softness of the ride.

The car contained lots of goodies, electric windows, mirrors, seats and sunroof, leather and walnut, air-conditioning, and a trip computer. The stereo was very good and the trip computer very useful. I averaged 20mpg on super unleaded and 25mpg on a trip around Scotland.

The car turned out to be very reliable. The air-conditioning couldn't keep up with the very hot summer we were having. The Jag garage said they could fix it, but not for 3 weeks. I thought the summer would be over by then, so I didn't bother getting it re-charged.

When the car was clean and polished up, it looked brand new. With the chrome shining and that dark metallic paint, the car looked beautiful. The cream leather interior and the walnut were unmarked and the car draw many admiring glances. You did feel special driving the Jag.

This car was the best car I've ever owned. I should never have sold it! I should have put it away in a garage. If you buy a good one, you will have the best car in the world!

I only sold the car in the end, because I thought the mpg would not be feasible if I changed my job for one in Sheffield. I decided to sell the Jag for a newer, smaller car. I felt like keeping the auto and the goodies. I fancied an Audi 80, I ended up buying an Audi Coupe Quattro and not taking that job in Sheffield.