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My Audi s

1989 Audi Coupe Quattro


The Audi Coupe was based on the floor plan of the 1980's Audi 80 and with the new version of the Audi 80 having been out for a while, the Coupe was beginning to look a bit dated, but never the less, still very attractive.

I saw the car advertised at a local second-hand car dealer's garage. It was in white with colour coded bumpers. The car was very clean, no rust and no marks on the interior. It had a sunroof, a stereo, power steering, ABS brakes, electric windows and mirrors, fog lights, a twin exhaust pipe, alloys, leather trimming, digital instruments by the 4WD diff lock button and a demister which spelt out the word 'Quattro'. I was sold, I felt the 4WD had to be tried. It would also be the newest car I had owned so far and I bought it for £3,250 (in 1996).

I had thought the Jag very good around corners but this Audi was unbelievable. I had never felt so attached to the road. That year we had a fabulous snowy winter and the car was in its element.

The 2.3 litre, 5 cylinder engine did 29mpg on super unleaded. The 4WD and suspension made the car feel very solid and powerful; I was surprised to find the car a good motorway cruiser. It drove at 100mph without any drama. I had thought the car would be a bit stiff but this was not the case.

I had my first accident in this car, I reversed out of a parking space into a bollard. The rear visibility out of the Coupe wasn't up to much, but it was my fault, my first accident after 10 years of driving!

The car was very reliable. It had a bit of a misfire when I bought it but a new distributor cap solved that. The car required a new alternator and new disc brakes all round. But nothing unusual for its age.



1998 Audi Cabriolet 2.6E Auto - Final Edition


This is the 2.6 V6 model, coupled to a 4 speed automatic gearbox. Which makes for very relaxed driving. This is the first convertible I've owned with a power hood. The hood is lined, making it much quieter at speed than any of my previous convertibles. It's watertight and works well.